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 Army Guide

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Witch King

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PostSubject: Army Guide   Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:39 pm

Hi this is my Army guide. The first thing you need to know is a good amount of troops to start with.
You should have at least...
20k Warriors
10k Scouts
5k Swords
10k Pikes
10k Cavalry
1k Cataphract
550 Transports
550 Ballistae
40k Archers.
Thats it.
Does this give you negative food production? If it does don't worry. Keep building troops don't worry about it.


There are many ways to get food without using resource fields. The first way is NPC farming. If you look at the troops you can see that there are 550 Transports and 550 Ballistae.
If you attack a level 5 NPC with 550 Ballistae and 550 Transports you will win with no casualties and get all the resources. Each when fully regenerated holds 3 million food. When you can get another 550 of each so you can farm 2 NPCs at a time.

Another way is the resource city. First you'll need to make a second city. Then you pick a resource: Food, lumber, stone, iron and build lots of that resource field. Lumber is the best, Iron is the second best, Food is the third best and stone is the forth. Also get lots of cottages for taxes to get gold. You then sell your resource on the market to get gold. You then ship the gold from the taxes and the market to your bigger city where you use it to buy food.

I suggest that you start with NPC farming but then begin to do both.


Scout Bomb:
This no longer works on some servers but I will post it anyways. You first get 100k scouts and attack a city with them. It wipes out all defenses so the real army can attack.

This is where Archers become super powerful. You send something like 90k Archers and 1 of every thing else at a city. What happens is the enemy must stop to kill the fodder while the archers can Attack.

Well thats all, I will post more,
Thanks! Wink
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Witch King

Posts : 5
Join date : 2011-03-18

PostSubject: Re: Army Guide   Sat Mar 19, 2011 4:52 am

If you have any feedback please reply!
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Army Guide
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