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 Hero Guide

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Witch King

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PostSubject: Hero Guide   Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:48 pm

Hi!, This is my hero guide:
Heroes are one of the most important aspects of evony.

High Politics=extra resource production when mayor

High Intelligence=speeds up academy research when mayor.

High Attack=speeds up troop training time when mayor and in battle is a troop damage multiplier.

Politics is the most important kind of hero in the beginning of the game. Intelligence and attack are used more often later in the game when you start attacking. You should have at least 3 heroes in your city at all times. The best way to get your heroes leveled up without losing any real money is by adding warriors to your farming trips:
550 Ballistae
550 transports
2000 warriors
the warriors will die but you will get around 800 prestige and your hero will get 150k experience, not 90k. The higher upgraded the hero is the more you have to pay him/her. Heroes play an important role in evony.
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Hero Guide
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