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 Prestige Guide

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PostSubject: Prestige Guide   Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:46 pm

NOTE: Please remember prestige has no real affect on you- other then making players think you are strong and not attack you. Prestige is worth NOTHING if you don't have an Army.

There are many simple ways to get prestige... they are listed here.

Go to town hall-click conforting-click praying... you will get +/- 100 prestige every 15 minutes.

Build buildings and research things. Not very effective but most of your prestige in the beginning of the game will come from this. Archery lvl. 10 gives you 10k prestige- but takes 200+ hours to finish.

Wars are a good way to get honor and prestige. If I get 0 loses however I will get 0 prestige. You NEED loses if you want to get prestige in a war...

Normally when you farm a level 5 NPC you get 0 loses... 0 loses=0 prestige. Now try adding 2k warriors to every farming trip... you will get 150k experience for the hero (instead of 90k) and circa 800 prestige. Slow, but If you want to build up heroes and prestige and have lots of warriors this is for you.

By far the quickest and best way to get prestige. Warriors are the quickest building units and you will get circa 1 prestige per warrior. If you have lots of barracks at level 9 and fill them up with many loads of 1k warriors... you can get 20-40k prestige a day. This is by far the best. Remember to make sure you have enough food.

Note: There are NO prestige cheats... if you use one you will get banned.
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Prestige Guide
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