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 I hate my alliance

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PostSubject: I hate my alliance   Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:42 am

When I left ss45, I thought I was done for good. I owned 50+ accounts with more prestige than the top 3 alliances on this server. I came here for some unknown reason and thought I would find the same enjoyment that that other server had lost long ago. For a time, Life here was good. I got the crap beat out of me, but I was enjoying the thrill of the game.

Now…not so much. I have been questioning why I play and when that starts, I know where it will end. Don’t get me wrong, this had been a good alliance, even when we were 4515 and part of 5154’s organization. I just feel that we are going to be small for life. It baffles me why there has been some resistance to merge with other alliances. I know there is trust involved there, but there should be trust involved here too.

Lately, that hasn’t been the case. Chat is dead. People lurk and will not respond when asked about it. I know that Whisper threatened to boot anyone who didn’t talk (love ya whisp), but now, no one does. Why don’t we address the gigantic elephant in the room? What happened to make it so that we avoid this place, yet want to build ourselves up. Everyone takes offense at the slightest question. Tired of this. I thought we were all adults here.

I talked with Nemesis people and whatever you want to say about them, I know that they offer to give you at least one lvl 10 city when you join them. If I did that, it would be my first lvl 10 city this server. Really? Are we the only alliance where the leadership doesn’t have better cities? Are we even a great alliance anymore? I thought so, once. There are great people here, but together I think we’re broken. Unless everyone uses the helper (which for some ungodly reason people still claim to refuse), no one is going to have the res for building, fortifications, AND troops to compete with others. If I didn’t have to build anymore, I could focus more efforts in that area, but oh well. I’m really surprised that this alliance has lasted as long as it has. I wish you all in your new alliance wherever that happens to be.

I guess the thing I’m saying is that I’m leaving. Don’t ask me where I’m going because I’m leaving. Leaving Evony and its false claims of being free forever, leaving behind the language police that stars small words yet allows some of the most hurtful ones. Leaving this waste of time that has drained my life, family’s life, time, and unfortunately…money. I’ll miss most of you, others…not so much. Get over yourselves and pull together, otherwise I will be one of the most vocal to leave and others will follow….

“See you in the funny papers.” Hawkeye from M.A.S.H.

Though this account will stay here and someone will be watching it, If you want an alt, I have some in various stages of completion. Contact XXXXX.
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I hate my alliance
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